What is it? Answers 135

Friday, October 06, 2006

786. Postal scale

The top part is inverted and placed on the spring loaded rod, mail can then be put on the device to check the weight for proper postage.

The bottom of it lists these postal rates:
Airmail - 6 cents per oz.
1st class - 3 cents per oz.

So that dates this scale back to 1932-1958.

787. Stillman saw set, patented September 26, 1848

788. A press that was used to apply seals to official documents--the kind in which dies with obverse and reverse of the seal were sandwiched with two wafers of wax or sized paper (with sizing on them) and a silken cord, and then pressed together, the bottom reads "Alto-Knack, made in Germany".

The center of the base is slightly concave.

789. It rolls slowly because a small heavy ball is inside along with a viscous liquid, the rate at which the smaller ball moves determines how fast this Snail Ball rolls down an incline. There's a video of it in action at the link.

790. Chicago wall scriber, used for cutting wall paper and linoleum, patent number 2,296,232.

Text on this tool:
Side one:

Side two:

If anyone knows how to use this one, the owner would be interested to hear about it.

791. Increment borer, used to find out the age of a tree.

792. Text on this jack reads, "Little Jack, Precision Scientific Co.", it was made for general purpose use in a laboratory.

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